Bond Plies / Prepregs


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Bond Plies / Prepregs are thermoplastic and thermoset bonding layers used in multilayer PWB constructions that may be non-reinforced or contain very low fiberglass content.

Part NameDK + ToleranceLoss Factor Data SheetSafety Data Sheet Download Processing InformationComments
FEP 2.0 0.0003 Download Download Thermoplastic bonding film
TacBond 1.5 2.35 0.0025 Download Download Thermoplastic bonding film
fastRise™25, 26, 27, 28
2.72 ± 0.04 0.0014 Download   Download Download Lowest loss non-reinforced prepreg
fastRise™EZ pure 2.8 0.0032 Download Download  Low temperature curing, thermosetting prepreg
fastRise™7 7.45 0.0030 Download Download Download High DK, low loss glass reinforced prepreg


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