Low temperature curing, low loss flexible prepreg


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fastRise™EZ is a low temperature curing, low loss flexible prepreg/bond ply. FR-EZ is designed to enable the manufacture of complex rigid/flex PWBs containing polyimide (DuPont™ Pyralux® AP/TK flexible circuit materials), LCP or PTFE cores without excessive movement. fastRise™EZ is flexible when thin and can be combined with various flexible or rigid copper clad core materials. 


  • FR4 lamination temperatures
  • Low DK enables reduced PWB thickness
    for same impedance
  • Thermosetting prepreg will not reflow
  • Fiberglass-free prepreg
  • Compatible with conventional lamination processes
  • Can be combined with any core material
  • Laser ablatable


  • High Speed Flex Cables
  • Thin Multilayers
  • ATE testing
  • mmWave Antenna / Automotive


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2.32 - 2.51  

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Low temperature curing, 
flexible bonding ply


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