Low temperature curing, thermosetting prepreg


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fastRise™EZpure is a low temperature curing adhesive for flexible and rigid PWBs. EZpure is a non-reinforced adhesive containing only a low loss thermosetting resin and ceramic additives. EZpure has been optimized to adhere to difficult-to-bond-to substrates like PTFE, polyimide (DuPont™ Pyralux® AP/TK flexible circuit materials) and LCP.


• FR4 lamination temperatures
• Low DK enables reduced PWB
   thickness for the same impedance
• Thermosetting prepreg will not reflow
• Fiberglass-free prepreg
• Compatible with conventional
   lamination processes
• Can be combined with any core material
• Laser Ablatable



• High Speed Flex Cables
• Thin Multilayers
• ATE testing
• mmWave Antenna/Automotive
• Bonding of Subassemblies


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Low temperature curing, 
thermosetting prepreg


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