Long Laminates

For large format antennas, radar & mobile communication systems


AGC's long laminates are offered with the same lot-to-lot consistency and short lead time which customers have come to rely on in standard sheet lengths.


  • Low cost
  • Lowest moisture absorption
  • High copper peel strength
  • UL 94 V-O Approval
  • Superior PIM Performance


  • Long antennas
    • 60" (1526 mm) x 36" (914 mm)
    • 76" (1930 mm) x 36" (914 mm)
    • 102" (2590 mm) x 36" (914 mm) 


Typical AGC PTFE/woven fiberglass base materials for long laminates are:

The Dielectric Constant of 3.0 coupled with an extremely low dielectric loss at GSM/UMTS frequencies makes RF-30 the ideal substrate for base station antennas. Superior PIM (passive intermodulation) performance is provided through CV1 copper foil.

This lowest cost PTFE/woven fibreglass long laminate is manufactured using rolled annealed copper foil (RA copper) and also CV1 electro-deposited copper foil for superior PIM (passive intermodulation) performance in base station antennas.

The construction of Taconic's TLC-30 and TLC-32 long laminates provides superior electrical performance in comparison with thermoset laminates such as FR-4 and cyanate ester, exceptional mechanical and dimensional stability, and low cost. This makes TLC excellent for use in PCS/PCN large format antennas.

Typically used in radar systems, phased array antennas, and microwave transmission devices, TLX-8 and TLX-9 long laminates offer excellent mechanical and thermal properties, tightly controlled, stable dielectric constants, with virtually no moisture absorption.

These low loss, high peel strength laminates offer a woven matrix which produces higher mechanical stability and a more uniform dielectric constant (Dk) than traditional non-woven products. Combined with their exceptional low dissipation factor, TLY-5 is suitable for mobile communication systems, phased array antennas, and automotive / military radar.


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