Non-Silicone Masking Tape Products

6323-01R Non-Silicone Masking Tape



  • High performance non-silicone adhesive
  • High operating temperature range (above 260°C)
  • Removes cleanly without adhesive residue and contamination after exposure to heat
  • Thin and conformable, enabling masking of uneven surfaces
  • High strength backing provides superior resistance to puncture and tear
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • No polysiloxane contamination after wave soldering process


  • Coverlay material for many types of flexible printed circuit board processes, especially required to avoid low molecular weight polysiloxane contamination
  • High-temperature electrical application in which a tough, thin and solvent resistant insulating material is required for wrapping coils, transformers, capacitors and wire harnesses


Peel Strength (Adhesive)Breakdown VoltageSubstrate ThicknessAdhesive Thickness
gf/25mm kV micron micron
>400 >5.0 25 50


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