For low cost, high volume microwave & radio frequency applications


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RF-30A2 is an organic-ceramic laminate based on woven glass reinforcement in AGC’s family of RF substrates
designed from our expertise in ceramic filler and PTFE coating technology.

RF-30A2 is the best choice for low cost, high volume commercial microwave and radio frequency applications. RF-30A2 exhibits more stable electrical and mechanical properties than designers need. This low loss dielectric substrate with smoother surface leads to stable electrical properties and lower insertion loss over broadband frequency range. More stable mechanical properties, better dimensional stability and harder rigidity can make RF components less affected by other factors. Less dimensional movement also contributes to stable phase or impedance properties over broadband frequency range.


• Stable Mechanical Properties
• Stable at High Frequencies
• Stable at High Temperatures
• Low Moisture Absorption
• Excellent Etchability with
• Clean, White Surface
• Excellent Price/Performance Ratio


• Antennas and Subcomponents
• RF Passive Components


Product Name DK+ ToleranceDFData SheetSafety Data SheetProcessing GuidelinesProduct Description
RF-30A2 2.97 ± 0.05 0.0019 Download - Download High volume antenna material


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