Low moisture absorption, stable Dk over frequency


RF-60A is an organic ceramic fiberglass reinforced laminate. This product’s unique composition results in low moisture absorption and uniform electrical properties. 

RF-60A’s woven fiberglass reinforcement assures excellent dimensional stability and enhanced flexural strength as well as low Z-axis expansion which allows for plated through-hole reliability in extreme thermal environments. RF-60A also exhibits exceptional interlaminar bond strength and solder resistance.

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  • Low moisture absorption
  • Stable Dk over frequency
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low Z-axis expansion
  • High flexural strength
  • Exceptional interlaminar bonds
  • ROHS & WEEE compliant


  • Power Amplifiers
  • Filters & Couplers
  • Passive Components
  • Antennas

Product Name DK+ ToleranceDFData SheetSafety Data SheetProcessing GuidelinesProduct Description
RF-60A 6.15 ± 0.25 0.0028 Download Download Download Low moisture absorption, stable Dk over frequency


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