TacBond 1.5

Bonding agent for laminated stripline & multilayer packages


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TacBond 1.5 bonding film offers several unique features that make it ideal as a bonding agent for producing laminated strip line and multilayer packages using AGC laminates. 

The closely controlled melt point provides a predictable laminating cycle. In addition, the electrical properties of the package are nearly unaffected by the presence of the bonding film. Process chemistries will not affect circuit integrity due to the chemical stability of the bonding film. 


  • Low DK
  • Low DF
  • Chemically stable
  • Closely controlled melt point


  • Microwave Radios
  • High Speed Digital Work Stations
  • Satellite Antenna Systems
  • Passive Components
  • High Layer Count MLBs
  • High Speed Chip Test MLBs


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TacBond 1.5


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Thermoplastic bonding film


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