TLC Specialty Products

Cost effective substrates for a wide range of microwave applications


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TLC specialty products (TLC-338 and TLC-35) join the TLC family of laminates (TLC-27, TLC-30 & TLC-32) to extend our line of cost effective substrates suitable for a wide range of microwave applications. Available with a DK range of 3.38 to 3.50, TLC specialty products offer superior electrical performance compared to thermoset laminates (e.g. FR-4, PPO, BT, Polyimide and Cyanate Ester). TLC’s construction also provides exceptional mechanical stability.


  • Low cost
  • Tightly Controlled DK
  • Low DF
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High flexural strength
  • UL 94-V-O rating
  • DK is flat over frequency


  • LNBs
  • Power amplifiers
  • PCS/PCN large format antennas
  • Passive components


Product Name DK+ ToleranceDFData SheetSafety Data SheetProcessing GuidelinesProduct Description
TLC Specialty Products 3.38
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