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Friday, December 8, 2023 | Exhibitions & Events

AGC Multi Material America features a full range of RF and Digital Materials at IPC Apex Expo 2024.

The AGC Multi Material group integrates Nelco and Taconic materials into a comprehensive offering for the electronics industry with a long history of high reliability and superior thermal, mechanical, and electrical performance. Our digital, RF and hybrid PCB and RF materials include FR4, Thermoset, PPE, Hydrocarbon, PTFE, BT, Polyimide and Cyanate Ester substrate materials. Find the material that best suits your needs (link:

Visit us at the IPC Apex Expo. Stop by Booth 4409 and ask about some of our newest and most exciting products.

fastRise low loss prepregs

No Flow Bond-ply materials

Meteorwave Low Loss laminate and prepreg

ELL Extreme Low Loss Material

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