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Extreme Low Loss Proprietary Resin on NER fabric

ELL high speed / extreme low loss materials offer advanced electrical performance and high reliability for use in the next generation of internet infrastructure. It is designed for use in high frequency core routers, high speed switches, supercomputers and applications where low signal attenuation and high data transfer rates are critical. The extreme low loss of ELL also makes it an excellent material for RF and hybrid designs. ELL is UL listed and meets the IPC 4103/540 specification.

Additional Information

Product Name: ELL 102
DK: 3.03
DF: 0.0009
Data Sheet: Download (225.22KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (282.31KB)


  • Extreme Low Loss Thermoset Laminate and Prepreg
  • Laminate and Prepreg Part Number ELL 102


  • Advanced Electrical Performance
  • Stable dielectric performance over a wide frequency and temperature range
  • High Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) resistance
  • Available in a variety of prepregs and constructions


  • Telecommunications
  • Core Routers
  • High Speed Switching / Routing Systems
  • Cloud Storage
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive radar
  • AI

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