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Thermally stable composite based on nanotechnology, spread weave and PTFE

EZ-IO-F is a thermally stable composite based on nanotechnology, spread weave and PTFE. Nanoparticle silica insures a drill quality on par with FR4 materials. EZ-IO-F is based on a very low (~10 wt%) fiberglass content. The nature of the spread weave provides a uniform dielectric constant and impedance as suggested by skew testing. EZ-IO-F was created for the next generation of digital circuitry where digital transmission speeds start at 25 gbps and reach 112 gbps. EZ-IO-F was also designed for microwave applications operating at increasingly higher frequencies where there is a need to combine both digital and microwave circuitry onto one PWB. EZ-IO-F was developed to challenge the best FR4 materials at the fabricator level in the most difficult 30-40 layer digital applications.

Additional Information

Product Name: EZ-IO-F
DK: 2.80 +/- 0.05
DF: 0.0015
Data Sheet: Download (817.10KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (260.19KB)


  • Thermally stable composite based on nanotechnology, spread weave and PTFE


  • Extremely low skew
  • Nanotechnology based PTFE laminate
  • Drill quality of FR4 (1000+ hits/bit)
  • Registration of FR4
  • Extremely low fiberglass content (~10 %)
  • <0.18 % DK variation within a lot
  • Temperature stable DK
  • Capable of 40+ layer large format PWBs
  • CAF Resistant


  • Semiconductor testing at 25 gbps and higher/Test and measurement/Optical data transport & backplane routers/Hybrid FR4 PWBs combining microwave & Digital signals/Avonics and aerospace

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