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High DK, low loss glass reinforced prepreg

fastRise™ 7 is a thermally stable, high DK (7.45 at 10 GHz), low loss prepreg designed to enable the manufacture of high dielectric constant stripline structures at low temperatures. fastRise™ 7 prepreg enables stripline manufacture at 420 °F (215 °C), well below the fabrication temperatures of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC)

Additional Information

Product Name: fastRise FR-7
DK: 7.45
DF: 0.0034
Data Sheet: Download (368.06KB)


  • High DK, low loss glass reinforced prepreg


  • High 7.45 DK organic prepreg
  • Low ( 420 °F/215 °C) lamination enables conventional PWB fabrication
  • Lower cost / reduced weight alternative to LTCC
  • Lower cost alternative to fusion bonding
  • Enables miniaturization & densification of high DK RF stripline structures
  • Compatible with Ticer/Ohmega resistor foils


  • Avionics and Aerospace (weight reduction)
  • Radar Manifolds, Antennas, Fire control
  • Filters, Couplers, Power Amplifiers
  • Phase Matching Networks

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