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Low Temperature Curing, Flexible Prepreg/Bondply

fastRise™ EZ is a low temperature curing, low-loss flexible prepreg/bondply designed to improve the manufacturability of complex rigid/flex PWBs containing polyimide, LCP, or PTFE cores. fastRise EZ’s low loss enables the design of flexible high speed cables and rigid RF/digital multilayers without the uncertainties and costs associated with high temperature laminations.

Additional Information

Product Name: fastRise FR-EZ-22P
DK: 2.40
DF: 0.0018
Data Sheet: Download (526.08KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (192.69KB)


  • Low Temperature Curing, Flexible Prepreg/Bondply


  • FR4 lamination temperatures
  • Low DK enables reduced PWB thickness for the same impedance
  • Thermosetting prepreg will not reflow
  • Fiberglass-free prepreg;Compatible with conventional lamination processes
  • Can be combined with any core material
  • Laser Ablatable


  • High Speed Flex Cables
  • Thin Multilayers
  • ATE testing
  • mmWave Antenna/Automotive

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