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Hydrocarbon prepreg for stripline/multilayer applications

HB-360 prepregs are designed to have reduced electrical loss and improved ease of fabrication for multilayer packages with high performance and high reliability. This thermosetting prepreg is based on a ceramic filled hydrocarbon resin system constructed with a woven matrix of fiberglass fabric. HB-360 is engineered to provide a cost effective bond-ply with low dielectric loss for RF and high speed multilayer boards with well controlled electrical and mechanical properties. Lower dielectric loss along with sufficient thermal conductivity can reduce heat dissipation in high power RF applications.

Additional Information

Product Name: HB-360
DK: 3.65
DF: 0.0032
Data Sheet: Download (347.78KB)


  • Hydrocarbon prepreg for stripline/multilayer applications


  • Stable multilayer performance Low loss ceramic filled thermoset resin system Tightly controlled DK tolerance Bonds well to most laminates Single layer can cover wider circuitry pattern thickness Utilizes standard FR-4 process
  • Excellent dimensional and thermal stability
  • Excellent price/performance ratio


  • RF/multilayer components
  • Avionics and Aerospace
  • Multilayer power modules

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