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Flame retardant Hydrocarbon laminate for power amplifiers

HF-350F is a flame retardant, ceramic-filled hydrocarbon based copper clad laminate reinforced with woven fiberglass. The special ceramic-filled hydrocarbon composite offers low signal loss and distortion with controlled impedance in broadband applications.|Traditional thermoset laminates can degrade over time by oxidation with time and elevated temperatures. Oxidation is permanent and leads to a shift toward a higher dielectric constant, elevated loss values, and changing color. The impact of shifting dielectric properties depends on circuit design, operating power, and use temperature. HF-350F has been developed with much better resistance to oxidation.|HF-350F has been designed with a high thermal conductivity of 0.69 W/m*K to reduce operating temperatures. The combination of high thermal conductivity and low dissipation factor result in composite that shows exceptional reliability and environmental stability over time and temperature.

Additional Information

Product Name: HF-350F
DK: 3.5 +/- 0.05
DF: 0.0029
Data Sheet: Download (503.00KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (340.67KB)


  • Flame retardant Hydrocarbon laminate for power amplifiers


  • Low DF/Insertion loss
  • Controlled DK & Impedance
  • Enhanced Oxidation Resistance
  • Stable Dielectric Properties over Temperature & Frequency
  • Low CTE for Multilayer Applications
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Tight DK Tolerance
  • Enhanced Gain & Efficiency
  • High Power Handling Capability
  • Well Suited for Hybrid Multilayers


  • Power Amplifier
  • Broadcast
  • Satellite
  • Base Station Antenna
  • High Speed Computing Systems
  • Passive Components (Filters, Combiners, Dividers)
  • Aerospace