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Flame retardant Hydrocarbon laminate for low loss and high thermal conductivity

HF-350FTC is a flame retardant copper clad dielectric substrate based on ceramic filled hydrocarbon and reinforced woven fiberglass. The ceramic based composite has been optimized for low signal loss at high frequency and high thermal conductivity. The higher thermal conductivity of HF-350FTC can help both efficiently radiate the heat and carry thermal energy away from localized hot spots. The lower dielectric dissipation factor helps reduce heat generated along the transmission line from the dielectric material. These factors provide a higher power handling capability resulting in lower operating temperatures and possibly lower warranty costs. The additional design margin in thermal management might also lead to improved reliability at soldered connections.

Additional Information

Product Name: HF-350FTC
DK: 3.55 +/- 0.05
DF: 0.0029
Data Sheet: Download (321.41KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (340.78KB)


  • Flame retardant Hydrocarbon laminate for low loss and high thermal conductivity


  • Enhanced Power Handling Capability with Good Therma Conductivity (0.8 W/m*K)
  • Low Electrical/Insertion Loss for Microwave Applications
  • High Oxidation Resistance
  • Stable Dielectric Properties vs. Temperature & Frequency
  • Controllable DK and Impedance
  • Dimensionally Stable Thermoset Resin Flame Retardant Excellent Reliability


  • Power Amplifier
  • Power Divider/Filter/Coupler
  • Broadcast/Satellite
  • Aerospace Components