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Modified Epoxy

Mercurywave 9350 and Mercurywave 9350B are non-PTFE, high frequency, low resin systems material tailored to the needs of the RF and Microwave market. With low loss electrical properties and high thermal reliability, it offers greater flexibility and freedom to design high performance RF and Microwave substrates. Mercurywave has a 94 V-0 UL rating and meets the IPC 4101/29 and IPC 4103/240 slash sheets.

Additional Information

Product Name: Mercurywave 9350
DK: 3.5
DF: 0.004
Data Sheet: Download (256.04KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (271.70KB)


  • RF and Microwave 3.5 Dk Laminate and Prepreg Material
  • Laminate Mercurywave 9350


  • Well-controlled Dk/Df electrical properties
  • Stable dielectric performance over a wide frequency range
  • RF Substrate Technology
  • Available in a variety of constructions


  • Base Station Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Satellite Communication
  • Avionics and Aerospace Guidance and Radar
  • Broadband RF Antennas

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