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Halogen Free Ultra Low Loss PPE

Meteorwave® 5000 HF high speed and low loss digital electronic material offers advanced electrical performance and high reliability for Halogen Free circuit board requirements. Meteorwave 5000 HF is designed for multiple high temperature lead-free assemblies and high layer count printed circuit board designs which require a halogen free material with very high levels of reliability. Meteorwave 5000 HF has a 94 V-0 UL rating and meets the IPC 4101/96 slash sheet.

Additional Information

Product Name: Meteorwave 5000 HF
DK: 3.4
DF: 0.0033
Data Sheet: Download (324.30KB)


  • Very Low Loss, Halogen Free Laminate & Prepregs For High Layer Count Printed Circuit Board Designs
  • Laminate Meteorwave 6000HF L
  • Prepreg Meteorwave 6000HF P


  • Halogen Free
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Stable dielectric performance over a wide frequency range
  • Very high reliability and fracture toughness
  • High Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) resistance


  • Telecommunications
  • High Speed Services and Storage Networks
  • Data and Wireless Communications
  • Switching, Routing and Backplanes