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Ultra Low Loss PPE

Meteorwave® 8000 high speed / extremely low loss digital electronic materials offer very advanced electrical performance. Meteorwave® 8000 is designed for high layer count printed circuit boards which require high levels of reliability. It is intended for use in 100Gbs core routers, high speed switches, supercomputers and applications where low signal attenuation, high reliability and high data transfer rates are critical. Meteorwave products are designed to facilitate high temperature lead-free assemblies and high layer count printed circuit board designs that require high reliability, CAF resistance and low Z-axis expansion. Meteorwave 8000 has a 94 V-0 UL rating and meets the IPC 4101/102 and IPC 4103/540 slash sheets.

Additional Information

Product Name: Meteorwave 8000
DK: 3.3
DF: 0.0016
Data Sheet: Download (241.62KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (342.22KB)


  • High Speed, Extremely Low Loss Laminate and Prepreg PCB Material
  • Laminate Part Number Meteorwave 8000L
  • Prepreg Part Number Meteorwave 8000P


  • Excellent Electrical Properties utilizing SI® Technology
  • Robust Thermal and Mechanical Properties
  • Highly CAF Resistant
  • High-Tg FR-4 Processing


  • Telecommunications
  • High Speed Services
  • High Speed Storage Networks
  • Internet Switching / Routing Systems
  • Wireless Communications Backplanes

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