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Ultra Low Loss PPE

Meteorwave® 8350 high frequency very low loss digital and RF electronic material is tailored to meet the needs of the RF and Microwave markets. Meteorwave® 8350 is a controlled Dk 3.5 +/- 0.05 laminate based on Meteorwave® 8000. The very advanced electrical performance and very high reliability of Meteorwave® 8350 is designed for multiple high temperature lead-free assemblies and high layer count printed circuit board designs requiring very high levels of reliability. Meteorwave® 8350 laminate and Meteorwave® 8000 prepreg offers flexibility and freedom to design high performance RF and Microwave printed wiring boards and antennae. Meteorwave® 8350 has a 94 V-0 UL rating and meets the IPC 4101/102 and IPC 4103/240 slash sheets.

Additional Information

Product Name: Meteorwave 8350
DK: 3.5
DF: 0.0018
Data Sheet: Download (246.26KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (342.22KB)


  • 3.5 Dk Controlled Dk, High Speed, Extremely Low Loss Laminate
  • Laminate Part Number Meteorwave 8000L


  • Excellent Electrical Properties utilizing SI® Technology
  • Robust Thermal and Mechanical Properties
  • Highly CAF Resistant
  • High-Tg FR-4 Processing


  • Base Station Equipment
  • Automotive Radar and Communications
  • Satellite Radar Communications
  • Broadband and GPS

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