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High Tg Multifunctional Epoxy

N4000-29 is an advanced, lead-free, low-CTE, high Tg (185°C by DSC) multifunctional epoxy PCB material with a high Tg, excellent thermal stability and good moisture resistance. N4000-29 has been designed for use both standard and high-performance, lead-free applications including: lead-free assemblies, large format backplanes, tight tolerance via to via, High I/O count BGA, extreme layer count multilayers, lead-free DCA, high temperature underhood automotive, telecommunications infrastructure and sophisticated data storage. N4000-29 has a 94 V-0 UL rating and meets the IPC 4101/98, 99, 126 & 129 slash sheets.

Additional Information

Product Name: N4000-29
DK: 4.2
DF: 0.017
Data Sheet: Download (236.24KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (318.64KB)


  • Lead Free, High-Tg Materials
  • Laminate and Prepreg PCB Material
  • Laminate Part Number N4105-29
  • Prepreg Part Number N4205-29


  • Excellent Thermal stability, Low Z-axis Expansion
  • Withstands multiple reflow excursions / repair operations
  • High Tg
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Compatible for use with Meteorwave products


  • Lead-Free Assembly Structures
  • Large Format Backplanes
  • High Temp Underhood Automotive
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Data Storage

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