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Toughened Polyimide UL 94 V-1

N7000-3 is a next-generation high-Tg polyimide system using a toughened resin chemistry. This advanced material is designed for use in a wide variety of applications that include fine geometry multilayer constructions and extreme reliability. This polyimide also meets NASA requirements for no visible bromine. N7000-3 laminate and prepreg meets a UL 94V-1 designation and the IPC 4101/40, /41 and /42 slash sheets.

Additional Information

Product Name: N7000-3
DK: 3.5
DF: 0.009
Data Sheet: Download (228.24KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (320.90KB)


  • Toughened Polyimide Laminate PCB Material
  • Rigid Laminate (>= 0.020) N7105-3
  • Thin Laminate (< 0.020) N7205-3
  • Prepreg N7305-3


  • Polyimide Resin Chemistry
  • Robust Thermal Stability and Reliability
  • High Temp Tolerance and Chemical Resistance
  • Designed for Use in Severe Conditions


  • Backplanes
  • Fine-Line, Surface-Mount and BGA Multilayers
  • Avionics
  • Down-well Petroleum
  • Burn-in Boards

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