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Thermally conductive low loss laminate

RF-35TC offers a "best in class" low dissipation factor with high thermal conductivity. This material is best suited for high power applications where every 1/10th of a dB is critical and the PWB substrate is expected to diffuse heat away from both transmission lines and surface mount components such as transistors or capacitors. RF-35TC is a PTFE based, ceramic filled fiberglass substrate. It will not oxidize, yellow or show upward drift in dielectric constant and dissipation factor like its synthetic rubber (hydrocarbon) competitors.

Additional Information

Product Name: RF-35TC
DK: 3.5 +/- 0.05
DF: 0.002
Data Sheet: Download (371.58KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (1.04MB)


  • Thermally conductive low loss laminate


  • "Best in Class" loss tangent
  • Exceptional thermal management
  • DK Stability across a broad temperature range
  • Enhanced antenna gains/efficiencies
  • Excellent adhesion to Very Low Profile Copper


  • Filters, couplers & power amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Satellites

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