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High DK, high thermal conductivity material

RF-60TC is a PTFE based, ceramic filled fiberglass substrate for use as a base material for high power RF and microwave applications. This material is designed to provide lower operating temperatures in high power applications and better gains and efficiencies in miniaturized antenna applications for the 6.15 DK market through improved dielectric heat dissipation and exceptionally low dielectric losses.

Additional Information

Product Name: RF-60TC
DK: 6.15 +/- 0.15
DF: 0.002
Data Sheet: Download (357.74KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (402.30KB)


  • High DK, high thermal conductivity material


  • Very low loss tangent
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Enhanced dimensional stability
  • Low Z-axis CTE
  • Excellent adhesion to metal
  • Stable DK over frequency
  • Stable DK over temperature
  • Low moisture absorption


  • High power amplifier
  • Miniaturized antennas (GPS / PATCH / RFID Reader)
  • Filters, couplers, dividers
  • Satellites

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