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Very low DK base material

TLY-3 laminates are manufactured with very lightweight woven fiberglass and are much more dimensionally stable than chopped fiber reinforced PTFE composites. The woven matrix in the TLY-3 material yields a more mechanically stable laminate that is suitable for high volume manufacturing. The low dissipation factor enables successful deployment for automotive radar applications designed at 77 GHz as well as other antennas in millimeter wave frequencies.

Additional Information

Product Name: TLY-3
DK: 2.33 +/- 0.02
DF: 0.0012
Data Sheet: Download (264.97KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (518.14KB)


  • Very low DK base material


  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lowest DF
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High copper peel strength
  • Uniform & consistent DK
  • Laser ablatable


  • Automotive radar
  • Satellite/cellular communication
  • Power amplifier
  • Aerospace
  • Ka, E and W band applications

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