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Ceramic-filled PTFE composites without a woven fiberglass reinforcement

NF-30 copper clad, non-reinforced laminates are ceramic-filled PTFE composites. The ceramic-filled PTFE composite technology offers low dielectric loss and minimal signal distortion in microwave applications. NF-30 offers very stable performance over a wide frequency range, especially at 77-79 GHz range.

Additional Information

Product Name: NF-30
DK: 3.0 +/- 0.04
DF: 0.0013
Data Sheet: Download (711.28KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (259.64KB)


  • Ceramic-filled PTFE composites without a woven fiberglass reinforcement


  • Nonwoven glass reinforcement
  • Exceptional low electrical loss for high mmWave applications
  • Excellent adhesion to Very Low Profile copper foils
  • Stable dielectric properties vs. temperature & frequency
  • Dimensionally stable for multilayer applications


  • Automotive Radar Sensors
  • Global Positioning System Antennas
  • Passive Components (Dividers,Filters & Couplers)
  • Aerospace Components

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