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High thermal conductivity laminate

RF-35HTC is a non-reinforced, low loss, industry leading thermally conductive laminate. The high 1.84 W/m*K thermal conductivity is well suited for any high-power application including amplifiers, couplers, dividers, filters etc. RF-35HTC is a ceramic/PTFE composite that is very low in PTFE content. The extremely low loss of 0.0007 at 10 GHz makes RF-35HTC very attractive for any high-power application.

Additional Information

Product Name: RF-35HTC
DK: 3.5 +/- 0.05
DF: 0.0007
Data Sheet: Download (402.29KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (1.04MB)


  • High thermal conductivity laminate


  • "Best in Class" Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Loss Tangent
  • No Glass Reinforcement
  • Resists Thermal Oxidation
  • High Dimensional Stability


  • High power applications such as filters, couplers, dividers & power amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Satellites

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