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High thermal conductivity laminate

RF-35HTC is a non-reinforced, low loss, industry leading thermally conductive laminate. The high 1.84 W/m*K thermal conductivity is well suited for any high-power application including amplifiers, couplers, dividers, filters etc. RF-35HTC is a ceramic/PTFE composite that is very low in PTFE content. The extremely low loss of 0.0007 at 10 GHz makes RF-35HTC very attractive for any high-power application.|The high thermal conductivity is beneficial for moving localized heat away from transistors, capacitors, conductors, other components, or the dielectric material. PTFE is attractive at the highest of temperatures because PTFE resists any thermal oxidation.

Additional Information

Product Name: RF-35HTC
DK: 3.5 +/- 0.05
DF: 0.0007
Data Sheet: Download (670.62KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (1.04MB)


  • High thermal conductivity laminate


  • "Best in Class" Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Loss Tangent
  • No Glass Reinforcement
  • Resists Thermal Oxidation
  • High Dimensional Stability


  • High power applications such as filters, couplers, dividers & power amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Satellites