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Low DK, low Z axis laminate

TLY-5Z laminates laminates are advanced, glass-filled, PTFE composites with woven fiberglass reinforcement. The glass-filled structure was designed for low density applications such as aerospace having optimally low weight requirements. This results in a dimensionally stable composite which is otherwise not possible with nonreinforced PTFE. The low density approach also makes for a composite with a low Z axis expansion which is also not otherwise possible with PTFE-rich composites. TLY-5Z is much more thermally stable with respect to Z axis expansion induced stress on plated through holes than conventional low dielectric constant PTFE-composites.

Additional Information

Product Name: TLY-5Z
DK: 2.2 +/- 0.04
DF: 0.0015
Data Sheet: Download (297.21KB)
Processing Guidelines: Download (407.43KB)


  • Low DK, low Z axis laminate


  • Low Z Axis CTE
  • Plated through hole stability
  • Low density (1.92 g/cm3)
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Excellent peel strength
  • Compatible with almost no profile copper foil


  • Aerospace components
  • Low weight antennas for aircraft
  • RF passive components